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Sport Coaching: Juniors/Beginners

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The Sport Coach plays the role of leader and role-model to the athlete and team that ensure the application of the scientific principles towards excellence. This qualification focuses on the technical and tactical skills requirements associated with the coaching of learners for participation in sports competitions and developing a healthy active lifestyle. The field of sport coaching is now seeing significant expansion. The demand for sport coaches to receive training and be acknowledged for their skills is growing. Currently, sport coaches are employed by schools to conduct sports programs, and there is a growth in the number of private clubs that provide sport coaches with work prospects. The course objective is to give you the knowledge and skills to work as a sport coach and respond to the unique demands of coaching in the South African sporting context. By the end of this one-year course you will be equipped to coach beginner and intermediate sport performers – designing practice sessions that reflect an understanding of the interdependence of fitness and skill development and sensitivity to the social, emotional, and physical changes that occur as players develop from childhood through youth to adulthood. This qualification is the entry-level qualification for professional sports coaches.

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